Top 25 PC Strategy Games

Opening our list of the Top 25 PC Strategy Games is Crusader Kings II The first entry on our list takes us back to the pivotal moments of European history. Jumping from various timelines, expand your reach as a Crusader King and take over the fragmented realms of a once chaotic nation. This strategy game may discourage you for its ludicrous amount of DLC’s, but it’s not everyday you can simulate your dynasty while defending your lands from the Mongol Horde. It receives a PlayScore of 8.60 24. Total War: WARHAMMER II Creative Assembly’s latest touch on the Warhammer franchise takes you to even greater lengths with a promising campaign of exploration, conquest and expansions across The New World.

Divided by two distinct gameplay elements, balance turn-based strategy with tactical real-time battles in titan-like battles. Critics praised the game’s overwhelming design and complexity. It receives a PlayScore of 8.62 23. The Banner Saga 2 Stoic’s Award-winning adventure game returns with more bold leadership decisions. Lead your brave Viking warriors in the treacherous landscapes of a beautifully handcrafted fantasy world. Import your saves from the previous game or craft your own expedition team to survive its world. Use your head in complex tactical battles and make difficult choices along the way, but this time, for greater consequences. It receives a PlayScore 8.62 22. StarCraft II: Legacy Of The Void A game that helped shape the future of Real Time Strategy games. Blizzard’s crowning jewel and a well-loved classic.

Legacy of the Void is the third and final expansion pack of their long-running RTS. Stand in the middle of a galactic war and experience new stories and features. This standalone expansion was widely praised for its improved mechanics, fast-paced gameplay, and immersive story. Even until now, the game is running pretty well with an active E-Sports community. It has a PlayScore of 8.63 21. Mount & Blade: Warband Lead your men into battle and set your eyes on the throne of Calradia. Manage your legion of brazen soldiers because it’s a sandbox enthusiast’s playground. This standalone expansion pack from the epic Medieval warzone thrusts you into the battlefield with clashing swords and galloping horses. It receives a PlayScore of 8.67 20. Invisible Inc. Klei Entertainment’s success with Don’t Starve drove them to make a new IP. One that takes players on a tale of espionage, set in the neon futures of 2074. Working for a private intelligence agency, take control of the organization’s best agents mounting a counter-attack against a corporate invasion. Pick from a team of 10 unlockable agents and customize each of their builds as you play through each of their randomly generated levels. It has a PlayScore of 8.65 19. Door Kickers How does it feel to be a SWAT Team Member? Picture Rainbow Six Siege in a top-down fashion and there you have it. Select from its five distinct troopers that provide you with the best course of action every time you blow things up. Use stealth to mask your sound, or improvise along the way. Make your move carefully because the levels are hard, as is real life SWAT operations.