Top 10 Mac Strategy Games of 2019

There are some great strategy games to be played on your Mac in 2019. Let’s see what’s on Starting at number 10 we have Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus. Great news, in February, this game became fully supported for macOS. These Warhammer 40,000 series is not shy about coming over to our platform, that is for sure. In Mechanicus, which is a turn-based strategy tactical game, you take control of the most advanced army in the Imperium, known as the Adeptus Mechanicus, hence the name of the game. The game is full of decision making, which actually affects the outcome of a mission you are undertaking. You can customize your army, control them, manage resources, and discover new zimpler deposit casinos in canada.

Mechanicus is quite a demanding game, so it’s best played on Macs from 2015 and up. Number nine is Tropico 6. Coming very soon to Mac computers on the 30th of March 2019, Tropico 6 is that latest game in the series. On Steam, a Mac version has been confirmed. In Tropico 6, players can prove themselves once again, as a dictator or peace-loving statesmen on the island state of Tropico and can shape the fate of their own banana republic through four distinctive eras. There are some new things here like managing extensive archipelagos, building bridges to connect islands, and new means of transportation and infrastructure, and there are some more new things here, too. I know Tropico 5 had mixed reviews out there, so hopefully this new game can improve on where it may have been somewhat of a let down previously. (cheering) – Fellow Tropicans, thanks to me, Tropico is an undisputed paradise. – [Narrator] Number eight we have Phoenix Point. Arriving in September 2019, Phoenix Point is from the creator of X-COM. On the games FAQ page, you can see that a macOS version has been officially confirmed. It appears to have a very similar gameplay style to XCOM, but this time, it has a darker and creepier look and atmosphere.

Phoenix Point will offer turn based tactics and world-based strategy against an alien menace. There will be huge boss battles, soldier development and customization, new weapons and equipment, destructible environments, and heaps of diverse missions. I remember I found XCOM 2 be very challenging, but in a good way, guys, in a good way, so I’m hoping Phoenix Point keeps this as a strong aspect of the game. Number seven is Sid Meier’s Civilization┬« VI: Gathering Storm. This is the second expansion to Civilization VI and the developers of the expansion say that the game is more alive than ever before. The expansion brings environmental effects, such as volcanoes, storms, climate change, floods and droughts. Plus, there is heaps of other new content here also, seven new world wonders, seven natural wonders, 18 new units, 15 new improvements, nine new buildings, five new districts, two new city sets, nine new techs and 10 new civs have been added. Phew, that’s quite a lot. Remember, this content requires the base game in order to play online slot and it’s best played on Macs from 2014 and up. Number six we have Frostpunk. Some time later in 2019, Frostpunk is going to be ported to Mac.