Smyth Scores at Poker Million VII – SPOILER ALERT!!

Friday, pro Marty Smyth left London $1 million richer after beating out six other finalists at Ladbrokes’ Poker Million VII. Smyth’s win crowns two prior final-table attempts at the Poker Million pot and brings his total career earnings to over $3.5 million.

The day began badly for Smyth when his A, K crashed against Liam Flood’s pocket poppas. The loss cleared all but $15,000 of Smyth’s chips, sending him to short stack and instantaneously causing books to offer 100:1 odds against him.

Soon, however, the Belfast native turned the tables on Flood by pairing up kings and sixes against the chip leader’s suited 4, 5. When he then knuckled out Svein Neilsen on a second run of kings and sixes, it was clear that Smyth’s bout of bad luck had broken, and books began scrambling to re-fix their calls.

Heads-up saw Smyth facing Eoghan O’Dea – son of Irish poker god Donnacha O’Dea – with both men going tit-for-tat in a blind-stealing stalemate. Finally, though, Smyth’s date with Fate proved too overwhelming for O’Dea, who called the Belfast native’s shove on Q, 9 (o) only to have his K, J(o) cracked by a pair of queens.

After the match, Smyth was more than willing to credit his fortunate draws with the win.

“I can’t quite believe it still,” he said. “I thought I was gone when I lost most of my chips early in the tournament.

“I like to think I played quite well, but certainly, after that big hand (against Flood) lots of things went my way.”

Yet, whatever the case, the win has definitely clinched Smyth’s position as Boyle Poker’s premier front man – with all that the post implies.

“Marty is a poker legend,” Boyle Poker head Paul Spillane said in a press release. “Boyle Poker (is) proud to be associated with such a unique poker talent.”

Poker Million VII Final Results:
(Place – Player – Prize)
1st Marty Smyth – $1,000,000
2nd Eoghan O’Dea – $250,000
3rd Ciaran O’Leary – $175,000
4th Liam Flood – $130,000
5th Kevin Allen – $100,000
6th Svein Petter Neilsen – $75,000